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Get a Prenatal Ultrasound

UltrasoundYour due date is the most important piece of information to have about your pregnancy (doctors often use the term “EDC”). At Tucson Women’s Center, we offer ultrasounds (sonogram) to determine your EDC. The cost for an initial screening study is $180.00. In order to qualify for this program, you must first have a positive pregnancy test performed at our office (pregnancy tests are free and performed on a walk-in basis). Once we have determined your EDC, we will be able to determine the timing of the other tests or procedures that you may need. Schedule appointment for an ultrasound by clicking here.

You can see profiles of our doctors (including the insurances that they accept and the hospitals that they use) by clicking on the “Prenatal Care” link.

If you have insurance and would like prenatal care, please call us at (520) 323-9682 to make an appointment. Once your care has been authorized and your prenatal records established, you can make follow-up appointments at our office.

If you are unsure of your feelings about being pregnant and want to know more about the options and resources available to you, please schedule an appointment for options counseling. You can also find out more by clicking the “Family Planning” link on the drop-down menu of “Medical Services” as well as the “Community Resources” link on the left side of the page.

Whatever your healthcare needs may be, we look forward to working with you.

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